Friday, July 24, 2009

did I forget to mention...

I went to the NY Times building a couple of months ago? No, I don't mean I stood outside, or even that I just stood in the really cool lobby... I went upstairs. Okay, okay, say what you want about the fading glow of newspaper journalism, but going inside the beehive of the NY Times was pretty cool. I was one of the people from my office there to meet with one of the multimedia guys about multimedia stuff (I won't bore you...). Anyway, if you've ever been in a newsroom, you'd note this too: It was ridiculously quiet in the newsroom. So quiet, I'm pretty sure Bill Keller heard our guy when he whispered "Yeah, that's Keller. Whatever you do, don't mention The Daily Show..." The cubicles were only waist-high — which is bad if you'd like to be out of your neighbors' site lines for even a second. And apparently you have to go 20 blocks to find "anywhere decent" to eat. (Also, there were several full-grown trees in their courtyard. A feat in New York, New York.).

Actual academic thing learned (from the horses' mouth): If you want to see some great online media (minus the frickin' awesome typeface in its print version), go to The Guardian — where ny times online media guys find inspiration.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Acadia, Mount Desert Island, Maine

Recipe for regrouping: grab some friends, your dog, and head back to nature. Headed up to Acadia National Park this past weekend with some friends. We camped at Blackwoods Campground with two tents, and managed to not get wet ("Stay away from the sides of the tent!"), eat some delicious food (despite some harrowing hibachi cooking, and Diane's efforts in the dark), and find all of Lucca's poo (a very necessary thing in a campground).

Met up with some other friends for some barbecue, and one of my best Fourth of July's. There were some amazing moments driving out of our misty campground, and being enveloped in sunshine — and vice versa. The weather this summer has definitely made an impact on everyone's moods. You can tell when it's finally sunny. Believe me.

We managed to hike the Acadia Mountain Trail (rated strenuous), most of the Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail (also rated strenuous, and booty-defying, considering how slippery the face was due to all. the. rain.), and swim in Echo Lake. Of course, there were jaunts into Bar Harbor for ice cream and parades, and an amazing ferry ride, or mail-boat ride depending on who you asked, to Cranberry Island — beautiful until the mosquitoes came out of hiding.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

some such thing

this semester, I've been taking a sign language class. yes, yes, it's all fine and dandy to be taking a sign language course, and learning your ABC's,
but then you're expected to be thrust into the world of the deaf social, and then write a paper about it. and this paper will say: How awkward. For me, not for those forced to interact with me. It's like walking into a theoretical math seminar, in French, and being able to say, "Bonjour. Je m'appelle Kim."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

crazy busy = no time to blog = silly

wow, wow, wow. practically all of november has passed me by... well not really, but it's passed the blog by. poor blog. but let me do some appeasing.

m and I went to see Tom Stoppard's play, Rock 'n' Roll at the BU Theatre a couple of weeks ago. It takes place in Cambridge, England, and pre-Velvet Revolution Prague (and, to be fair, a little post-velvet, too) following a Stoppard-ish character who is definitely more into his records, than the politics around him. Anyway, once again, the women in the cast blew me away.

Last night, m and I went to see our friend's documentary, journeying to Taiwan. She and her coworker produced, edited, and starred in the film -- a pretty big feat! We were totally impressed, not only by the amount of work they did, but the end product. I'm set to go to Taiwan... ride the train, little some candles, and eat spicy shrimp.

Headed to hang out with the folks for Thanksgiving, so if I don't write again today (entirely possible) have a great turkey day!

Friday, October 31, 2008

halloween costume #1

still appropriate to wear to work... the wicked witch of the east, before the house dropped on her.

tonight is more dressing up, party-going. and then, tomorrow, I get in some nat time! hurray!

happy halloween, kids!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

moment of zen... oh wait...

oh jon stewart, before you were on comedy central, you introduced some pretty wicked/radical/freakin' awesome bands.

including this one.


Monday, October 27, 2008

communist dracula pageant

communists, vlad the impaler, and bears, oh my! Perfectly fitting for Halloween, The Communist Dracula Pageant, written by Anne Washburn and directed by Anne Kauffman, is an eastern bloc circus, drawing parallels between the notorious Romanian regime of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, and frickin' Vlad the Impaler, another vicious Romanian, otherwise known as Dracula. although hundreds of years apart, both seemed to suck the life out of the Romanian people. go figure.

my absolute favorite was Karen MacDonald, who played the fake-scientist know-it-all Elena Ceausescu perfectly (not that I knew Elena), especially her post-dead monologue, complete with bullet holes.

The disillusioned dictators were perfect characters in their own reality, and the Communist Dracula Pageant makes their reality better than fiction.

needless to say, m and I enjoyed it, and the A.R.T. venue (a place we've wanted to go to for awhile.). good thing i won those tickets.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

sigh. if only this were out now...

people. it's been one of those days. so i need me some truffle shuffle, and johnny depp. and i need it now. Goonies in the Caribbean. genius.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

changing appearances

new banner, by marie.

beautiful photos of mannequins in a chinatown storefront window.

just in time for halloween. hopefully, i can snag one of these hot happening hairdos myself...

the globs. cd releasing. in all their glory

glowing lollipops! giant, inflatable balls! duct tape dresses and suits! giant puppets! it's not a night at the circus, but The Globs' cd release gig at Harper's Ferry October 14. spectacular, spectacular, indeed.

happy to be alive. by marie.

reflections in the bar casino tv thing at harper's ferry in brighton. if you look verrrry carefully you'll see me next to the pool table. by marie.